"Design brings wealth" wrote Olaf Leu, one of the great graphic designers of the last century. Provocative, surprising even, yet perhaps also true?

It is certainly true that most creative work, as in business, is subjected to some kind of economic evaluation in regards to its success or failure.

It is equally true that delivering outstanding performance frequently carries a greater chance of economic success, rather than being merely mediocre or indeed, possibly worse.

Yet, there routinely exists no automatic or predetermined relationship between creative excellence and corresponding economic achievement.

It needs passion, determination and specialist knowledge to establish, organise and orchestrate such a relationship to ensure it remains enduring and rational. Equally, it demands imaginative minds with profound understanding of media, design, art and communication to successfully guide and manage a business partner through a defined, creative ecosystem – in short, it needs Pearltree!


Companies within creative ecosystems are in the main service providers. They operate within business sectors that primarily deal with people, and so frequently adhere to unique sets of rules.

Yet connecting parameters of achievement and strategies for optimisation, both of which typically go hand in hand when measuring economic success, to that of creative excellence is rarely possible without substantial experience of both environments.

Take for example the art market sector where even though a product retains a pure, creative dimension its underlying basis still remains predominately economic, just as in commerce, investment and finance, and its ultimate success depends heavily on the people involved. Likewise in the media industry where journalistically defined business models, both on and offline, primarily focus on "economic activity surrounding the production and marketing of creative content". Communication and design may well be structurally different, yet in their joint determination they both retain core similarities.

Pearltree was founded as it had all the necessary experience of these areas to be the ideal advisor, consultant or business partner for your creative project.



Pearltree is an active investor and seeking a pure financial commitment is not our primary objective, as it is rarely possible to successfully influence and support the creative context of business without interactive involvement and participation. Yet, the form and merit of this participation is always examined and discussed individually and can range from silent participation right up to a majority acquisition. Maintaining, strengthening or indeed renewing management are all conceivable possibilities and this is the reason we refer to ourselves as investors in creativity.

Pearltree is currently invested in media, design, art and communication concerns.



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